Tennessee Child Molester List

You cannot prevent the increase in the number of sexual molesters in our society. In Tennessee, your first line of defense is to get a list of sexual offenders from the TN sex offender registry so that you and your family will know which persons you should avoid.


Accessing a Tennessee sex offender registry is very easy. There are many websites that you can visit online where all kinds of sex offender registry are being offered. So long as your computer at home is connected to the internet, you can easily get a hold of this list and use it to warn your family about the persons who are included on the list.


What You Need to Do


You can easily search sex offender registry by zip code in Tennessee using these websites. In fact, you can even use your Wi Fi enabled mobile phone, if you need to find these sexual offenders immediately.


To find these registered sex offenders in Tennessee, you need to visit the following websites:


Tennessee Bureau of Investigation


The sex offender registry of Tennessee was started in 1995 as a response to the enactment of federal laws requiring all states to create and maintain individual sex offender registries. All you need to do is to go to http://www.tbi.state.tn.us/sex_ofender_reg/sex_ofender_reg.shtml. If you suspect somebody to be a sexual offender in your area, you can just log his name in the online form provided on the website, including the place where he lives and if his name comes up in the list, then at least you know your suspicions are correct and you’ll know you need to avoid this person.


Sexual Offenders.com


If you only know the zip code of where the suspicious individual lives, you can still search for him if you visit the website of Sexual Offenders.com. This website hosts a Tennessee Sex Offender Registry, with the focus on zip code search.


Map Sex Offenders.com


You can also search for sex offenders in Map Sex Offenders.com. This website is hosted by Orbizon, Inc. as a public service and it’s free to use it. With this map sex offenders in my neighborhood will be easily located and identified.


Family Watchdog


Another website where you can lookup sex offender by address in TN is Family Watchdog. You can visit their website at http://tennessee.familywatchdog.us/ to find a Tennessee sexual predator list and also a Tennessee child molester list. This will enable you to find the exact identity and whereabouts of sexual offenders near your home.


What You Need to Do


You have to enter the needed info on the online forms to be able to confirm if they really are registered sexual offenders. For you to be able to fully protect your family, you need to regularly visit these websites. This is important so that you will be kept updated of the latest information. There are also sites that send email and SMS notifications if ever sex offenders decide to move into your community so you might want to take a look at these as well.

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