Sex Offender Registry CA

There has been a California sex offender registry since 1947, but for decades the only way to get information on Registered sex offenders in California is to visit the police station or by calling a toll-free number. But in 2004, legislation was finally passed that enabled the public to access the info regarding the CA sex offender registry online.

How Do I Map Sex Offenders in my Neighborhood?

If you wish to find out more about sex offenders living near you, your first step is the Megan’s Law website. This is the English-language version of the site, but there are a variety of other Asian and European languages you can choose as well.

To the right is a menu bar with different sections you can click regarding extra information. But if you want to search sex offender registry by zip code in California, you should click the button at the bottom of the web page. You’ll then have to click on a button that indicate you have read the disclaimer, since the state is serious about misusing the information contained on the website.

Illegal behavior such as preemptive assaults and harassment will not be tolerated, so you may as well read the disclaimer first.

What Can I Do on the Website?

Once you are in, you can then search for sex offenders by using a name, address, city, ZIP code, or County. You can then build a California sexual predator list of sexual offenders who live near your home—and therefore are places or paths you may want your children or wife to avoid.

To the right of the screen is an interactive map. Click on a county, and you can generate a California child molester list in the county as well.

Where Are the Sex Offenders Congregating in California?

While you may think that LA may be the epicenter of sex offender residency in the state, this is not actually the case. You can check out the California section of the website to give you a better sense of which communities actually pose a greater risk (at least in terms of  ).

If you are planning to live in California and you want to lessen the chance of meeting or living near a registered sex offender, then this map can give you a better picture.

According to the map, the eastern part of the state actually has a rather lower density of sex offenders per 10,000 residents. Los Angeles County only has 10 sex offenders per 10,000, with Marin County as the best with just 2.61 offenders per 10,000 residents.

But up north, there is a much more disturbing distribution of sex offenders. Modoc County has 37.48 registered sexual offenders per 10,000, followed by Trinity, lake, and Del Norte with at least 36 sex offenders per 10,000 residents.

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