Registered Sex Offender in FL

This article provides information regarding the number of child molesters and/or sexual predators live in the state of Florida. It will also show you free techniques and methods in which you can find out whether a sexual offender is living near your home, your office, or the school or daycare center of your children.

Fact is a lot of people want to live in Florida. It’s an excellent place to retire and it’s also a very popular tourist spot for students who are on a spring break and for families during summer. Unfortunately, it seems like sex offenders also prefer to live here as well.

How Many Sexual Offenders Are Living in Florida?

According to the data compiled by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, there are more than 62,000 registered sex offenders in Florida. There are 331 sexual criminals per 100,000 residents, and this density is #6 in the nation. But according to, more than 17,000 of these people are currently behind bars.

This still leaves more than 45,000 predators listed in the Florida sex offender registry, and that number is alarmingly high. For those who prefer the southern part of the state, you may be heartened to hear that most of the sexual offenders are in the northern part of Florida, particularly in Dixie and Gadsden counties.

How Can I Map Sex Offenders in my Neighborhood?

You can access information from the FL sex offender registry so that you will be informed when sexual predators take residence in your neighborhood. Your search should start at the Florida Sexual Offenders and Predators section in the Florida Department of law Enforcement. On this page, several options are available to you:

  • With offender search, you can put in as much info as you have in order to locate a registered offender. The pages for each offender will include information such as name, photo, an address, and a description of the crime. If you want a more detailed criminal history of an offender, you will have to pay for it at the FDLE website.
  • With neighborhood search, you can Lookup sex offender by address in FL. You can Search sex offender registry by zip code in Florida, as well as by county or city.
  • You can also do a university search, so you can find the predators who are enrolled, employed, or doing volunteer work at a university or college.
  • You can also find the IM names and email addresses used by offenders.

Email Alerts

It is important that you have a Florida sexual predator list with names, addresses, and photographs, so that you and your family can avoid these potentially dangerous individuals. If you want, you can subscribe for an email alert so that you can generate your own Florida child molester list of offenders who live near any addresses you specify. You will then be alerted should any predator take residence near your home, office, school, or any place where you and your family members visit regularly.

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