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Felonies are committed on a daily basis in the United States. Most of them are taken lightly because they only cause mental or physical damage to some extent. However, Sexual abuse is a crime unlike any because the victim loses a part of themselves to a haunting memory that can never be restored.

This memory lives on with them forever as they hesitate to succeed in life and socially interact because of the fear that there might be more monstrosity to the world they’re living in. It shatters the image of a certain class of people forever based on their tunnel vision of the incident. Sexual assault is a serious crime and treated to different degrees according to the Oregon law.

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Sex Offender Registry Map Oregon

The Oregon State Police Sex Offender Registry website has provided public access to the records of registered sex offenders grouped according to their names, violations, geographical locations and community associations. The State Police has also provided a map marking the individual locations of each sex offender located in Oregon.

How often is a sexual assault case registered in Oregon?

As per the record of February 2020, there are officially over 1100 registered sex offenders in Oregon. The numbers may vary as of most of the offenders are not registered because of various circumstances. The frequency of the events has decreased in the past years as the law enforcements are restricting the policies and acting seriously against any registered case.

Different degrees and types of sexual assault

The different types of sexual abuse includes rape, child molestation, public harassment, non-consensual physical contact. The degrees vary from 1st up-to 3rd; which are punished from least to most harshly respectively. However, all of the offenses register the offender as an official felony for a long period of time.

Should a sex offender be allowed internet access?

Majority of the sex offenders use internet to prey on people mostly because their preys are under-age children. It gives them a proxy-access to fulfill their monstrous desires with less probability of getting caught. Hence the U.S.D. Law 181.592 restricts a registered sex offender residing in Oregon from officially accessing the internet and if caught to be treated according to the violation.

Are there any sex offenders near me?

A geographical map is provided by the Oregon Police State Department which has a list of offenders present in a specific county, postal code or specific address.

People can provide their respective residential details anonymously to inquire if there are any sexual abusers located in their area.

Where to report a sex offender in Oregon

The Oregon Police State Department has provided friendly access to the public to report any offenses with valid physical proof. This should include the person’s name and address, current photograph and in any form from personal belongings or witnesses of the committed act which leads to the confirmation of the allegation for the charges to be officially pressed.

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Josephine County
Polk County
Umatilla County
Klamath County
Coos County
Columbia County
Lincoln County
Clatsop County
Malheur County
Tillamook County
Wasco County
Multnomah County
Washington County
Clackamas County
Lane County
Marion County
Jackson County
Deschutes County
Linn County
Douglas County
Yamhill County
Benton County
Lake Oswego
Grants Pass
Oregon City
West Linn
Union County
Jefferson County
Crook County
Hood River County
Curry County
Baker County
Morrow County
Lake County
Harney County
Grant County
Wallowa County
Gilliam County
Sherman County
Wheeler County
Forest Grove
Happy Valley
Klamath Falls

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