MN Child Molester List

In this article, you can have a better picture of just how many sexual offenders are living in Minnesota. The article also details how and where you can find as well as where to seek info regarding offenders who live near your home.

Some people consider Minnesota a very placid place. After all, it’s a very cold state and those living in the area are mostly calm and collected Scandinavians. But that’s not entirely true, at least as far as sexual offenders are involved.

How Many Registered Sex Offenders Are Living in Minnesota?

According to a report released by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, there are 17,629 registered sex offenders in Minnesota. That doesn’t seem like a lot, considering that there are 769,402 registered sexual offenders in the entire country. And when you factor in the sheer size of the state, the chances of encountering a sexual offender seem rather slim.

But the population in Minnesota is quite small, which makes the offender population density rather high. In fact, there are 332 sexual offenders per one hundred thousand residents, placing Minnesota #5 in the entire US in this category. And according to, the largest density of offenders can be found in Mahnomen County.

How can I Map Sex Offenders in my Neighborhood?

You need to go to the Level Three Predatory Offender Search page maintained by the Minnesota Department of Corrections. The Level 3 denotes the sexual offenders considered to be most likely to regress in their rehab efforts. On the website, you have several options to access the information contained in the Minnesota sex offender registry:

  1. You can search sex offender registry by zip code in Minnesota. Just enter the 5-digitZIP code, and it will generate a Minnesota sexual predator list living in the area.
  2. You can enter the offender’s name or alias. You can even generate the entire Minnesota child molester list simply by leaving the name blank when you do your search. Click on a particular name, and you will find a picture as well as a summary of the offenders sexual crimes
  3. You can lookup sex offender by address in MN. The MN sex offender registry will generate a list for any city or county you select.

How Can The Information Help?

At the very least, you will be made aware about the presence of convicted sexual offenders in your neighborhood. You will be warned, especially if you have people in your household who fit the profile of the offender’s preferred victims.

By knowing who these people are and what they look like, you and your family will then be able to recognize and avoid them. They are not to be trusted, and any attempt they make to initiate contact with your children should be reported to the proper authorities.

By giving out their addresses, you can then make sure that your family members do not pass by these areas alone, especially at night. You can make alternate routes so that these locations can then be avoided.

Knowledge is power, and with this knowledge you gain just a little more power to protect the people you love. And the info is free of charge, so you may as well take advantage of it.

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