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There are multiple websites where you can search registered sex offenders in Maine, but the site recognized as the official registry by Maine law is that published by the Maine State Police.

This site allows all individuals to locate sex offenders within the state of Maine for free. A recent pedephile search revealed that there are 2,875 registered sex offenders in Maine, which translates to about 21.63 offenders in every sample population of 10,000 residents.

However, this sex offender list contains just about 50 percent of sex offenders in Maine, since there are about 2,877 offenders in this state whose location is still unknown, due to their address being unmappable, or the perpetrators being transient.

So, how do incidents of child molestation go unreported?

Studies claim that the average child molester offends about 200-400 times prior to being caught, if they are ever caught. According the FBI, a large majority of offenders are not caught, and have no criminal records.

In fact, the FBI claim that only one in ten pedephile cases are reported to the authorities. This has been attributed to the optimism of many human beings, who tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, and fail to speak badly about accused people. Pedephiles are aware of this fact, and so they continue to do their atrocities, knowing that they can ask for forgiveness.

In addition, there are many parents who subject their children to abuse and neglect. So, when these children find someone who gives them attention and compassion, they become deceived easily. Mistreated children are easy targets for pedeophiles because they are vulnerable, and have no one to report to even when they are mistreated.

With easy access to the sex offender registry in Maine, parents should take the initiative to educate their children about personal safety, in a manner that is appropriate to their age. Open communication can enable vulnerable children to identify individuals who are not behaving in an appropriate manner towards them, and report them to the law enforcement.

Where to search child molesters in Maine

You can search child molesters in Maine by going to the websites of sheriff’s offices and police department, or you can simply go the official Maine registry site at Alternatively, you can search on the national registry at

The national registry also provides links to official registries for each state. Additionally, there are some private organizations that have a sex offender database on their website, though they are not maintained by the state of Maine. As such, the State cannot assure the public that the information in those sites is current and accurate.

What to expect when you search a sex offender registry

Basically, you can search sex offenders by zip code, official name, or known alias name of the registered offender. However, you can also obtain information about a particular registrant by searching other details pertaining to them, like the registrant’s physical description, including race, gender, weight, height, and eye color.

Other variables you can use in your search include: date of birth; domicile or mailing and home address of registrant; city or town of employment; and legal description of the offense for which the individual was convicted, the court of conviction, the date of the conviction, and the sentence imposed. Some databases even allow you to search registered sex offenders pictures.

Additionally, the registry can provide a sex offender map for all registered child molesters in your neighborhood. This is important in identifying and marking the residence of sex offenders with regard to your home, your friends’ homes, your kids’ school, the park, and other places where your children and family spend a lot of their time.

What is a public notification?

A community or public notification refers to the laws that demand local law enforcement to reveal to the public any relevant information pertaining to specific convicted sex offenders when they are released from prison or any other secure facility.

The notification involves the disclosure of information such as the address of the sex offender, details of the crime that led to the conviction, past crimes, physical description of the offender and a photograph, and the conditions of the perpetrator’s release.

The timely release of this information is important when designing your own sexual predators map, so that you can know the areas to keep your children away from.

It is important to note that community notification laws differ from sex offender registration laws, in that the latter refers to the requirement for convicted sex offenders who are residing in the community to inform the law enforcement officers of their place of residence.

The process of community notification

The sex offender registry for Maine is a good and reliable source of information pertaining to registered sex offenders in your community. However, many people do not refer to the database on a regular basis to keep themselves updated of any changes in their neighborhood.

As such, it is the responsibility of the local law enforcement to determine the extent to which they will notify their communities upon the release of certain pedeophiles in order to ensure public safety.

The fact that local law enforcement agencies are at liberty to establish their own, distinct notification processes, explains the variations of public notification practices in different communities within Maine.

You should note that communities are not informed about all pedeophiles who are released from incarceration. This is because the purpose of the community notification law is to provide the public with information that is “necessary” and “relevant” to their safety.

Since not all offenders are considered a risk to all residents, the local law enforcement may not deem it necessary to notify the community of their release.

Some parents may find it challenging to explain to their children why sex offenders have moved into their neighborhood. To address this concern and promote personal safety, it is recommended that parents exercise open communication with their kids.

Once you search the sex offender registry in Maine, and identify registered perpetrators in your neighborhood, you have to decide whether or not to tell your children about the pedeophile. While open communication is important, it is preferable to keep the scary details to yourself. Instead, tell your children that the offender has hurt people before and they should stay away from him. You should also tell them to report to a responsible adult if the offender approaches them or their friends.

So, it is more helpful to provide your kids with general information about people who are likely to hurt them, or bad situations and favorable actions, instead of scaring them and asking them to stay away from a particular offender.

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