Iowa Sex Offender Registry

If you are looking for information about an Iowa registered sex offender, there are several websites online that you can use for this purpose.

The good news is that not only are these resources free, but they are also updated frequently so you can be certain that the information you’re getting is current and accurate.

The Official State Sex Offender Registry Website

The first website you should visit is the State of Iowa’s registry service, and here’s how you get there.

Step 1: Go to Click the “Search” link, read and accept the user agreement.

Step 2: Type the numbers you see and you’ll get multiple search options available, simple search, advanced search, map search, email & IDs, telephone and vehicle.

Step 3: Each search option has instructions on the right. Decide which of the options listed above you want to use. Enter the information and click “submit”.

Step 4: The search will return with results based on the criteria that you entered. The database will show you the individuals’ image, name, address, birthdate and tier. Click the name for more information.

The website also has a link to the state’s most wanted sex offenders, and there is also a link to a FAQ where frequently asked questions are answered.

City Data

You can also get the Iowa sex offender list on the City Data website, which is also updated regularly.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Read the terms of use first, and then go over the links on the page and click the city you want to check out.

Step 3: You will see a map where the sex offenders in the city are living. Aside from the map, you’ll also see additional data concerning the sex offender registry IA as well as the ratio of the residents and sex offenders. In addition, you’ll be able to read information about the sex offenders in that city including name, address, physical description and more.

Iowa on Homefacts

Another website that you can go to for more information is Homefacts. This website has updated data on all the states, and the website has a useful search feature too.

Step 1: Go to There are several options available before you, and at the top of the page are two search options. You can search for the sex offender’s name or the address, city or zip code.

Step 2: Homefacts also has a sexual offender map which provides detailed information about the number of offenders in each city.

If you want more information, click one of the specific location on the map, and you’ll get a list of the sex offenders in the area, as well as a map and other useful information. If you are looking for information about the people on the list, just click their name and more data will be given to you.

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