How To Check Indiana Sex Offender Registry For Free

In the past few years, many people have increasingly become aware of the number of child molesters living in their communities, and how they are able to molest children and get away with it. The convenient access to information about registered sex offenders in Indiana has forced many parents to scrutinize the efficiency of current child abuse prevention programs.

Most of these programs attempt to teach kids to protect themselves and report to an adult whenever someone abuses them. Unfortunately, this approach has not been effective in reducing incidences of child sexual abuse, and most children still fail to alert anyone when they are being abused.

This aspect can be corroborated by – one of the sex offender registries where you can perform a pedophile search for Indiana – which claims that there are 11,331 registered sex offenders in the state of Indiana.

This translates to a ratio of 17.33 offenders in every sample population of 10,000 residents. While this number is quite high, there are still thousands of sex offenders in Indiana whose locations are unknown, and an even larger number of offenders who are never caught.

Studies suggest that the average child victim tells about nine different people that they are being abused before someone responds and actually contacts the law enforcement officers. This is one of the reasons why pedophiles continue to commit their atrocities freely, without fear of being caught.

To stop this trend, parents must cease to assume that children are capable of protecting themselves, or are going to report when abused. Instead, parents, adults and communities should acquire the necessary education and skills to sufficiently protect their children and establish opportunities for them to report cases of abuse. So, how can you find sex offenders living near you?

The Indiana sex offender registry

There are many kinds of offenses that can be considered as sex crimes in Indiana, all of which have different penalties for the perpetrators. Some of the charges that a sex offender can face include child molestation, rape, solicitation, child pornography, sexual battery, exploitation of a child, and sexual misconduct.

According to Indiana state laws, all individuals who have been tried and convicted of sexual crimes must comply with laws pertaining to the sex offender registry. This registry refers to a Sex offender list or public database that contains relevant details of convicted offenders. There are many databases available online and managed by different entities, like the National Sex Offender Public WebsiteIndiana Department of Correction, and private organization, like,, and, among others.

How to search for child molesters in Indiana

The ideal place to begin your search for a sexual predators map is on the US – DOJ sex offender public website. It is the only government agency that allows users to locate specific child molesters by their first and last name in all 50 states, as well as Guam, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, and Indian tribes.

Once you get to the site, you will have to accept the “Conditions of Use Agreement” imposed by the DOJ before proceeding with the search. On the search page, enter the first and last name of the registered child molester you are looking for.

You will be provided with a sexual predator list of all perpetrators with that specific name in every region covered by the database (all states, tribes or territories). The names will be in the form of hyperlinks that you can follow to disclose the complete record of that offender, including physical traits, photos, aliases, and crime history.

Alternatively, you can search sex offenders by zip code, state, city, or neighborhood by going to the FBI sex offender registry database, or visiting any of the other websites mentioned earlier. These databases allow you to find a perpetrator without necessarily knowing their name.

Once you get to the search web page, follow the instructions provided, since each jurisdiction follows its own procedures for performing a search, and its distinct policies about how the site operates and the kind of information to disclose.

What kind of information can you access from an Indiana sex offender database?

When performing a search for registered sex offenders in Indiana, you can access a wide range of information about the perpetrator, including their name, age, home address, weight and height, tattoos, scars, and distinguishable features. In addition to such identifiable information, the registered sex offender’s pictures and criminal convictions will be displayed in the search results.

These registries are considered public information, which means that they can be accessed by anyone, including your family members, neighbors, law enforcement, and even potential employers. There are some websites that offer sex offender maps, to help you in analyzing your community better and identifying the places where you should instruct your children to stay away from.

State officials claim that it is mandatory for convicted offenders to register, and update their address within three days of relocating to a new home, or face harsh legal consequences.

Alternatives ways to find pedophiles around me

There are some websites and apps that allow users to search sexual offenders in your area for free. The Family Watchdog website, for instance, has a mobile application that allows users to scan their environment, and educate their families of possible threats in areas they visit.

Alert ID is another Smartphone app that allows Indiana residents to receive alerts whenever a registered sex offender moves into their community or neighborhood, or approaches their kid’s school. This app is the ideal sex offender tracker, since users will be able to look at a sexual predator map showing where all sex offenders in Indiana live and work. In order to make use of this timely and accurate service, Indiana residents have to sign up.

There are other innovations aimed at making it easier for parents to steer their children away from pedophiles, like the sex offender watch that was recently released in Vanderburgh County. The watch allows all individuals who have signed up to receive an alert via email anytime a sex offender relocates to the neighborhood.

Sex Offender Search is yet another app that shows users the exact locations of all registered sex offenders, as per the National Sex Offender Registry. This app displays your location, and icons of perpetrators around you, wherever you are, which makes it great for protecting your family on the go.

Despite the innovations, it is important to note that there are unregistered and unreported sex offenders. So, it is best to exercise caution all the time, by educating your family about sexual abuse.

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