How To Review Dallas Sex Offender Registry & Arrest Records

When you want to find out whether a new associate has a criminal record, you can easily perform a background check on him or her through a simple arrest warrant search in Dallas, Texas.

Searching Dallas arrest records for any person whom you have just met, and intend to work or conduct business together, is the appropriate approach. After all, no one wants to be associated with someone who has served time, or has a criminal record, without knowing the nature of the offense, in the first place.

Different types of arrest warrant searches in TX

There are multiple categories depending on the severity of a particular crime. The typical offenses for Dallas criminal record include probation violators, most wanted sex offenders, justice of peace and DA’s most wanted, misdemeanor warrants, bench warrants, felony warrants, child support evader warrants, and alias warrants.

Who can search for criminal records and arrest warrants in Dallas?

The Texas Public Information Act grants every citizen the right to access government reports pertaining to arrest warrants and criminal records. This implies that anyone can access Dallas county court records without any difficulty, and even the government officials should not ask you to justify or express your interest in viewing those records. Every individual has the legal right to view the records of any person that he/she wants to see. However, the government is not obligated to send you the records you want upon request.

So, how can you perform a free search for Dallas county criminal records?

You can search for criminal records in the whole state or limit it to a particular county, though the latter option is recommended. By focusing your search to Dallas, you will be able to get complete information regarding any offender who has been issued with warrants from multiple counties.

The search can be performed online or manually after requesting for the records. However, the Texas Public Commission Act requires that you submit a written requisition plus a small fee to access records and warrants manually.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice

The primary source for criminal records in Texas is the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). You can request for criminal information online, via email, or through the telephone. Online requests are carried out via the Offender Information Search service.

To run your search, you need the first and last name, SID number, TDJC number, and gender of the offender. This search service only provides general information like the nature of the offense, its location, and the expected date of release. Another limitation of this search is that it only provides information for offenders and parolees who are under the TDCJ jurisdiction.

When making telephone requests, you will be required to provide a name, TDCJ number, and SID number of the offender, in return for information on his or her status and location. The requirements for email requests are the same, though the TDCJ number can be replaced with the offender’s date of birth. The information provided via email includes location, projected release date, present incarceration details, and incarceration history, like Dallas jail records.

Dallas County Website

For online searches in Dallas, you will find all information regarding criminal records and warrants on the county website: If you wish to extend your search to other counties, you can check online to see if that county has a website containing the information you are seeking. In the event that the criminal records have not been availed online, you will have to submit a request to the Sheriff’s department.

In order to access the details about any warrants issued to an individual, you will be required to provide some information that includes: the full name of the individual in question, approximate age, city name, and the county name.

Once you submit the correct details, you will be able to access all pertinent information about that person including: a description of the crimes, date of the crimes, date when the charges were filed, category of the crime, fines charged, and dates of disposition, conviction, and probation or sentencing.

Dallas Crime Rate

PolicyMap is a reliable online mapping tool for updated crime reports and statistics in Dallas, compiled by the FBI, UCR and DOJ. You will get information about the rates of crimes such as aggravated assault, murder, and property crimes as reported by the FBI.

The mapping tool also allows you compare the crime rates in Dallas to stats from other areas, and analyze the changes in Dallas crime rate over the years. Besides crime rates, the interactive maps on PolicyMap also show other relevant statistics pertaining to schools, mortgages, health, demographics, and housing prices.

You may, however, be required to register – for free – to utilize various analysis tools, like for identifying actual crime rates and creating tables to compare crime stats for different areas.

There are many other sites that can allow you to conduct background checks and access Dallas criminal records for free. Instant Checkmate is one such site, where you will also find stats for crime rates in Dallas, as well as the corresponding charts and graphs.

Search for sex offenders in Dallas, TX

To search for Dallas sex offenders for free, you can use the US – DOJ National Sex Offender Public Website, which is a database containing public record information on sexual offenders and predators convicted for crimes against children. To use this website, simply agree to the terms and enter a name, zip code, or city to reveal the details of your query.

Alternatively, you can perform your search on the Texas public registry website – Texas Department of Public Safety. The Texas Public Sex Offender Registry allows you to perform a search based on the name, address, county, zip code, and institute of higher education. In addition, you can subscribe to the Department of Public Safety to receive email notifications of changes made to the database pertaining to registered sex offenders in your area.

All information found on the sexual offenders’ registry is based on information provided by the Texas Youth Commission, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, or a variety of other local criminal justice agencies.

It is important to stay informed. These records are made public to not only inform you about threats in your community, but also initiate discussions about the best ways to enhance the safety of your family and neighborhood.

Furthermore, you may want to search your name to find out whether you have unresolved warrants, like for missed court appointments or traffic violations. Outstanding warranties may keep you from getting gainful employment or suitable housing. So, research your status online by visiting the Dallas City Hall site.

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