Colorado Child Molester List

It is important to be fully informed of the dangers near you. In our society, there are all kinds of people, including sexual offenders. If you want your family to be safe, it is very important for you to find out if there are sexual offenders in your area by looking up the Colorado child molester registry.


You can access the Colorado sex offender registry online and it won’t cost you anything. For one, you can get this info from your local police website. Sex offenders are required by the state to register their names on the CO Sex Offender Registry to give the public an awareness of people with criminal records.


Different Ways to Get Information About Sex Offenders


Thankfully, it is very easy nowadays to get a list of the registered sex offenders in Colorado. Most people nowadays have access to the internet through their computers or their mobile phones. So if you want to get certain information about offenders, all you have to do is to go online and do a bit of research. You can search sex offender registry by zip code in Colorado from online registry sites and you’ll be given a list of info in a matter of seconds.


How to Get a Colorado Sexual Predator List


As long as you have Internet connection, it will be easy for you to access a Colorado child molester list. In fact, you can have all the sexual offender lists in Colorado that you want since many public organizations have created websites specifically to disseminate this very important information.


Here is a list of websites you can visit to lookup sex offender by address in Colorado.


1. Colorado Springs Police Department


The Colorado Springs Police Department provides a sex offender list so that the public will be more aware about the people included in the list thereby enhancing public safety in their area. Every convicted sexual offender is required by law to register their names on this list. The website address can be found at


2. City


This is another website I go to in order to map sex offenders in my neighborhood. The URL address is at


By using the map and the registry provided in this site, you will be able to pinpoint the location of each of the sexual offenders listed on the said registry. It is provided by this website as a form of public service.


3. Public Record


The Public Record Center is the most updated and largest online public records and background check portal in the US. There is a Colorado Sex Offenders Search section in this website where you can look up the convicted sexual offenders in the state.

What is Required of You?


As in all types of searches, you have to enter the names of individuals you suspect to be sex offenders in the appropriate sections as well as the city name or zip code where they live, if you have such info.


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