Search Maine Sex Offender Registry For Free

There are multiple websites where you can search registered sex offenders in Maine, but the site recognized as the official registry by Maine law is that published by the Maine State Police.

This site allows all individuals to locate sex offenders within the state of Maine for free. A recent pedephile search revealed that there are 2,875 registered sex offenders in Maine, which translates to about 21.63 offenders in every sample population of 10,000 residents.

However, this sex offender list contains just about 50 percent of sex offenders in Maine, since there are about 2,877 offenders in this state whose location is still unknown, due to their address being unmappable, or the perpetrators being transient.

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So, how do incidents of child molestation go unreported?

Studies claim that the average child molester offends about 200-400 times prior to being caught, if they are ever caught. According the FBI, a large majority of offenders are not caught, and have no criminal records.

In fact, the FBI claim that only one in ten pedephile cases are reported to the authorities. This has been attributed to the optimism of many human beings, who tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, and fail to speak badly about accused people. Pedephiles are aware of this fact, and so they continue to do their atrocities, knowing that they can ask for forgiveness.

In addition, there are many parents who subject their children to abuse and neglect. So, when these children find someone who gives them attention and compassion, they become deceived easily. Mistreated children are easy targets for pedeophiles because they are vulnerable, and have no one to report to even when they are mistreated.

With easy access to the sex offender registry in Maine, parents should take the initiative to educate their children about personal safety, in a manner that is appropriate to their age. Open communication can enable vulnerable children to identify individuals who are not behaving in an appropriate manner towards them, and report them to the law enforcement.

Where to search child molesters in Maine

You can search child molesters in Maine by going to the websites of sheriff’s offices and police department, or you can simply go the official Maine registry site at Alternatively, you can search on the national registry at

The national registry also provides links to official registries for each state. Additionally, there are some private organizations that have a sex offender database on their website, though they are not maintained by the state of Maine. As such, the State cannot assure the public that the information in those sites is current and accurate.

What to expect when you search a sex offender registry

Basically, you can search sex offenders by zip code, official name, or known alias name of the registered offender. However, you can also obtain information about a particular registrant by searching other details pertaining to them, like the registrant’s physical description, including race, gender, weight, height, and eye color.

Other variables you can use in your search include: date of birth; domicile or mailing and home address of registrant; city or town of employment; and legal description of the offense for which the individual was convicted, the court of conviction, the date of the conviction, and the sentence imposed. Some databases even allow you to search registered sex offenders pictures.

Additionally, the registry can provide a sex offender map for all registered child molesters in your neighborhood. This is important in identifying and marking the residence of sex offenders with regard to your home, your friends’ homes, your kids’ school, the park, and other places where your children and family spend a lot of their time.

What is a public notification?

A community or public notification refers to the laws that demand local law enforcement to reveal to the public any relevant information pertaining to specific convicted sex offenders when they are released from prison or any other secure facility.

The notification involves the disclosure of information such as the address of the sex offender, details of the crime that led to the conviction, past crimes, physical description of the offender and a photograph, and the conditions of the perpetrator’s release.

The timely release of this information is important when designing your own sexual predators map, so that you can know the areas to keep your children away from.

It is important to note that community notification laws differ from sex offender registration laws, in that the latter refers to the requirement for convicted sex offenders who are residing in the community to inform the law enforcement officers of their place of residence.

The process of community notification

The sex offender registry for Maine is a good and reliable source of information pertaining to registered sex offenders in your community. However, many people do not refer to the database on a regular basis to keep themselves updated of any changes in their neighborhood.

As such, it is the responsibility of the local law enforcement to determine the extent to which they will notify their communities upon the release of certain pedeophiles in order to ensure public safety.

The fact that local law enforcement agencies are at liberty to establish their own, distinct notification processes, explains the variations of public notification practices in different communities within Maine.

You should note that communities are not informed about all pedeophiles who are released from incarceration. This is because the purpose of the community notification law is to provide the public with information that is “necessary” and “relevant” to their safety.

Since not all offenders are considered a risk to all residents, the local law enforcement may not deem it necessary to notify the community of their release.

Some parents may find it challenging to explain to their children why sex offenders have moved into their neighborhood. To address this concern and promote personal safety, it is recommended that parents exercise open communication with their kids.

Once you search the sex offender registry in Maine, and identify registered perpetrators in your neighborhood, you have to decide whether or not to tell your children about the pedeophile. While open communication is important, it is preferable to keep the scary details to yourself. Instead, tell your children that the offender has hurt people before and they should stay away from him. You should also tell them to report to a responsible adult if the offender approaches them or their friends.

So, it is more helpful to provide your kids with general information about people who are likely to hurt them, or bad situations and favorable actions, instead of scaring them and asking them to stay away from a particular offender.

Sex Offender in Maine By City

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Offenders by County

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How To Lookup NY Sex Offender Registry & Arrest Records

While arrest records have always been public, they were a little difficult to access before they became available on online databases. Nowadays, anyone can search the New York City arrest records within a few minutes for free or a nominal fee, depending on the entity managing the database.

Such ready access makes it possible for parents and employers to check the criminal record of prospective babysitters, employees, neighbors, business associates, and even blind dates. You can also perform a search for your own arrest records, just in case there are unresolved matters from previous encounters with law enforcement officers, or your identity has ever been stolen.

When searching for New York criminal records, you can obtain the information by two means: by accessing an online database, or using offline means. Whichever approach you use, you will need some critical information about the person you are investigating in order to perform an accurate search.

Requirements for searching criminal records


To begin with, you should have the full names of the individual as shown on a government-issued document, like a driver’s license. You may also need to know their maiden name, any aliases used, and their nicknames.

Secondly, you should have the person’s date of birth as indicated in an official source, like a passport or driving license. Thirdly, you should know the individual’s physical address and place of residence, in terms of state and county. Having their Social Security number may also be helpful with the search, though it is not necessary.

You can obtain some of this information from investigative databases with credit header information. Alternatively, you can ask the individual you are investigating to provide you with the necessary details, or to fill in a form. This approach may not necessarily yield truthful details, especially if the person is hiding something. Once you have the correct details, you can proceed with the search.

Accessing NY arrest records from online databases

Online databases provide a fast and simple way to search millions of records. Fortunately, there are numerous websites managed by private entities offering you the opportunity to make criminal record inquiries, either for free or a small fee. You will have access to millions of professional databases that contain a wide range of arrest records, including criminal records for the person you are investigating, if they exist.

While there are many online databases, some of them may not be reliable, especially if they are rarely updated. When searching for New York criminal arrest records website, make sure that you go through the fine print describing the database’s coverage, so you know what kind of information to expect in the search results.

Some sites, for instance, only offer information pertaining to New York sex offenders, which may not be what you are looking for. So, if you intend to find out whether a particular individual has been arrested in New York, you can search the New York State of Correctional Services.

Although searching online databases is fast, simple, and cheap, the records obtained are not comprehensive. These criminal records contain many holes and inaccuracies, which may require you to complement the results offline.

Searching arrest records offline

While this approach takes longer and costs more than searching online databases, it is usually extremely thorough. This is because the New York state Office of Court Administration (OCA) conducts a NY statewide criminal history record search at a fee of $65.

As mentioned earlier, you will be required to provide a name and exact date of birth for the search. The OCA will then search through public records of the 62 NY counties, and provide you with any information they find on pending misdemeanors committed by the person you are investigating.

Stats for New York sex offenders

According to, which is one the numerous websites offering services where you can search the New York sex offender registry, there are 20,680 registered sex offenders in New York State, which translates to a ratio of 10.57 sexual offenders per 10,000 New Yorkers.

You can also search registered sex offenders in NY from the New York Sex Offender Registry, which is maintained by the Division of Criminal justice Service (DCJS). It is important to note that sex offenders are characterized into three levels according to their risk of committing the offense again:

  • level 1 offenders have low risk of re-offense
  • level 2 have medium level of re-offense
  • level 3 have high risk of re-offense. The level of a sex offender is determined by the judge after a court hearing.

The law prohibits the DCJS from listing offenders in level 1 on the public directory. So, any search for New York sex offenders on the public registry would only yield results for level 2 and 3 sex offenders. This registry allows you to search sex offenders by zip code, last name, or county.

The directory posts numerous photographs of any registered New York sex offender as soon as they are availed, so that New Yorkers can have adequate information to keep their families safe. The directory also provides multiple aliases and home and/or work addresses in the offender’s profile.

Whenever possible, the reports also provide additional information, such as the conviction charge, sentence, vehicle information, and supervision conditions for offenders on probation or parole.

Alternative means of obtaining information about a New York sex offender

There are actually four ways to obtain information about a sex offender in NY: The first one is by searching the NY State Sex Offender Registry for level 1 and level 2 perpetrators as mentioned above.

Second, you can call the following numbers for help determining if someone is a child molester:

  • 1-800-262-3257
  • 1-800-262-3257
  • 518-457-5837

To establish that the individual you are investigating is indeed on the registry. To verify this, you need the person’s name and one of the following: complete date of birth, exact address, social security number, or driver’s license number.

Third, the local law enforcement can issue a public or community notification. This refers to the release of information on level 2 and level 3 sex offenders living in the community to “persons who have custody of vulnerable individuals based on the offense committed”.

Information released through this manner is usually partial, since the law requires that only an approximate address of level 2 offenders be made public.

Forth, the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services provides a copy of the Subdirectory of level 3 sex offenders to the local law enforcement agency, so that the latter can maintain it for the public to access upon request.

It may be important to note that level 1 offenders are only required to register for a set period, usually a minimum of 20 years, while level 2 and 3 offenders register for life.

How To Review Dallas Sex Offender Registry & Arrest Records

When you want to find out whether a new associate has a criminal record, you can easily perform a background check on him or her through a simple arrest warrant search in Dallas, Texas.

Searching Dallas arrest records for any person whom you have just met, and intend to work or conduct business together, is the appropriate approach. After all, no one wants to be associated with someone who has served time, or has a criminal record, without knowing the nature of the offense, in the first place.

Different types of arrest warrant searches in TX

There are multiple categories depending on the severity of a particular crime. The typical offenses for Dallas criminal record include probation violators, most wanted sex offenders, justice of peace and DA’s most wanted, misdemeanor warrants, bench warrants, felony warrants, child support evader warrants, and alias warrants.

Who can search for criminal records and arrest warrants in Dallas?

The Texas Public Information Act grants every citizen the right to access government reports pertaining to arrest warrants and criminal records. This implies that anyone can access Dallas county court records without any difficulty, and even the government officials should not ask you to justify or express your interest in viewing those records. Every individual has the legal right to view the records of any person that he/she wants to see. However, the government is not obligated to send you the records you want upon request.

So, how can you perform a free search for Dallas county criminal records?

You can search for criminal records in the whole state or limit it to a particular county, though the latter option is recommended. By focusing your search to Dallas, you will be able to get complete information regarding any offender who has been issued with warrants from multiple counties.

The search can be performed online or manually after requesting for the records. However, the Texas Public Commission Act requires that you submit a written requisition plus a small fee to access records and warrants manually.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice

The primary source for criminal records in Texas is the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). You can request for criminal information online, via email, or through the telephone. Online requests are carried out via the Offender Information Search service.

To run your search, you need the first and last name, SID number, TDJC number, and gender of the offender. This search service only provides general information like the nature of the offense, its location, and the expected date of release. Another limitation of this search is that it only provides information for offenders and parolees who are under the TDCJ jurisdiction.

When making telephone requests, you will be required to provide a name, TDCJ number, and SID number of the offender, in return for information on his or her status and location. The requirements for email requests are the same, though the TDCJ number can be replaced with the offender’s date of birth. The information provided via email includes location, projected release date, present incarceration details, and incarceration history, like Dallas jail records.

Dallas County Website

For online searches in Dallas, you will find all information regarding criminal records and warrants on the county website: If you wish to extend your search to other counties, you can check online to see if that county has a website containing the information you are seeking. In the event that the criminal records have not been availed online, you will have to submit a request to the Sheriff’s department.

In order to access the details about any warrants issued to an individual, you will be required to provide some information that includes: the full name of the individual in question, approximate age, city name, and the county name.

Once you submit the correct details, you will be able to access all pertinent information about that person including: a description of the crimes, date of the crimes, date when the charges were filed, category of the crime, fines charged, and dates of disposition, conviction, and probation or sentencing.

Dallas Crime Rate

PolicyMap is a reliable online mapping tool for updated crime reports and statistics in Dallas, compiled by the FBI, UCR and DOJ. You will get information about the rates of crimes such as aggravated assault, murder, and property crimes as reported by the FBI.

The mapping tool also allows you compare the crime rates in Dallas to stats from other areas, and analyze the changes in Dallas crime rate over the years. Besides crime rates, the interactive maps on PolicyMap also show other relevant statistics pertaining to schools, mortgages, health, demographics, and housing prices.

You may, however, be required to register – for free – to utilize various analysis tools, like for identifying actual crime rates and creating tables to compare crime stats for different areas.

There are many other sites that can allow you to conduct background checks and access Dallas criminal records for free. Instant Checkmate is one such site, where you will also find stats for crime rates in Dallas, as well as the corresponding charts and graphs.

Search for sex offenders in Dallas, TX

To search for Dallas sex offenders for free, you can use the US – DOJ National Sex Offender Public Website, which is a database containing public record information on sexual offenders and predators convicted for crimes against children. To use this website, simply agree to the terms and enter a name, zip code, or city to reveal the details of your query.

Alternatively, you can perform your search on the Texas public registry website – Texas Department of Public Safety. The Texas Public Sex Offender Registry allows you to perform a search based on the name, address, county, zip code, and institute of higher education. In addition, you can subscribe to the Department of Public Safety to receive email notifications of changes made to the database pertaining to registered sex offenders in your area.

All information found on the sexual offenders’ registry is based on information provided by the Texas Youth Commission, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, or a variety of other local criminal justice agencies.

It is important to stay informed. These records are made public to not only inform you about threats in your community, but also initiate discussions about the best ways to enhance the safety of your family and neighborhood.

Furthermore, you may want to search your name to find out whether you have unresolved warrants, like for missed court appointments or traffic violations. Outstanding warranties may keep you from getting gainful employment or suitable housing. So, research your status online by visiting the Dallas City Hall site.

How To Check Indiana Sex Offender Registry For Free


In the past few years, many people have increasingly become aware of the number of child molesters living in their communities, and how they are able to molest children and get away with it. The convenient access to information about registered sex offenders in Indiana has forced many parents to scrutinize the efficiency of current child abuse prevention programs.

Most of these programs attempt to teach kids to protect themselves and report to an adult whenever someone abuses them. Unfortunately, this approach has not been effective in reducing incidences of child sexual abuse, and most children still fail to alert anyone when they are being abused.

This aspect can be corroborated by – one of the sex offender registries where you can perform a pedophile search for Indiana – which claims that there are 11,331 registered sex offenders in the state of Indiana.

This translates to a ratio of 17.33 offenders in every sample population of 10,000 residents. While this number is quite high, there are still thousands of sex offenders in Indiana whose locations are unknown, and an even larger number of offenders who are never caught.

Studies suggest that the average child victim tells about nine different people that they are being abused before someone responds and actually contacts the law enforcement officers. This is one of the reasons why pedophiles continue to commit their atrocities freely, without fear of being caught.

To stop this trend, parents must cease to assume that children are capable of protecting themselves, or are going to report when abused. Instead, parents, adults and communities should acquire the necessary education and skills to sufficiently protect their children and establish opportunities for them to report cases of abuse. So, how can you find sex offenders living near you?

The Indiana sex offender registry

There are many kinds of offenses that can be considered as sex crimes in Indiana, all of which have different penalties for the perpetrators. Some of the charges that a sex offender can face include child molestation, rape, solicitation, child pornography, sexual battery, exploitation of a child, and sexual misconduct.

According to Indiana state laws, all individuals who have been tried and convicted of sexual crimes must comply with laws pertaining to the sex offender registry. This registry refers to a Sex offender list or public database that contains relevant details of convicted offenders. There are many databases available online and managed by different entities, like the National Sex Offender Public WebsiteIndiana Department of Correction, and private organization, like,, and, among others.

How to search for child molesters in Indiana

The ideal place to begin your search for a sexual predators map is on the US – DOJ sex offender public website. It is the only government agency that allows users to locate specific child molesters by their first and last name in all 50 states, as well as Guam, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, and Indian tribes.

Once you get to the site, you will have to accept the “Conditions of Use Agreement” imposed by the DOJ before proceeding with the search. On the search page, enter the first and last name of the registered child molester you are looking for.

You will be provided with a sexual predator list of all perpetrators with that specific name in every region covered by the database (all states, tribes or territories). The names will be in the form of hyperlinks that you can follow to disclose the complete record of that offender, including physical traits, photos, aliases, and crime history.

Alternatively, you can search sex offenders by zip code, state, city, or neighborhood by going to the FBI sex offender registry database, or visiting any of the other websites mentioned earlier. These databases allow you to find a perpetrator without necessarily knowing their name.

Once you get to the search web page, follow the instructions provided, since each jurisdiction follows its own procedures for performing a search, and its distinct policies about how the site operates and the kind of information to disclose.

What kind of information can you access from an Indiana sex offender database?

When performing a search for registered sex offenders in Indiana, you can access a wide range of information about the perpetrator, including their name, age, home address, weight and height, tattoos, scars, and distinguishable features. In addition to such identifiable information, the registered sex offender’s pictures and criminal convictions will be displayed in the search results.

These registries are considered public information, which means that they can be accessed by anyone, including your family members, neighbors, law enforcement, and even potential employers. There are some websites that offer sex offender maps, to help you in analyzing your community better and identifying the places where you should instruct your children to stay away from.

State officials claim that it is mandatory for convicted offenders to register, and update their address within three days of relocating to a new home, or face harsh legal consequences.

Alternatives ways to find pedophiles around me

There are some websites and apps that allow users to search sexual offenders in your area for free. The Family Watchdog website, for instance, has a mobile application that allows users to scan their environment, and educate their families of possible threats in areas they visit.

Alert ID is another Smartphone app that allows Indiana residents to receive alerts whenever a registered sex offender moves into their community or neighborhood, or approaches their kid’s school. This app is the ideal sex offender tracker, since users will be able to look at a sexual predator map showing where all sex offenders in Indiana live and work. In order to make use of this timely and accurate service, Indiana residents have to sign up.

There are other innovations aimed at making it easier for parents to steer their children away from pedophiles, like the sex offender watch that was recently released in Vanderburgh County. The watch allows all individuals who have signed up to receive an alert via email anytime a sex offender relocates to the neighborhood.

Sex Offender Search is yet another app that shows users the exact locations of all registered sex offenders, as per the National Sex Offender Registry. This app displays your location, and icons of perpetrators around you, wherever you are, which makes it great for protecting your family on the go.

Despite the innovations, it is important to note that there are unregistered and unreported sex offenders. So, it is best to exercise caution all the time, by educating your family about sexual abuse.

How To Track Sex Offenders in Delaware


With a nationwide estimate of over 500,000 registered sex offenders, the value of national, state, and privately managed sex registries cannot be overstated. Sex offender databases make it possible for the government to notify the public about the whereabouts of every sex offender who has not been incarcerated.

According to the sex offender registry, the state of Delaware has ratio of 31.01 offenders for every 10,000 residents, which translates to 3,101 sex offenders per one million residents on file. Based on these figures, claims that Delaware is among the top ten states with the greatest number of registered sex offenders.

Incidents of child molestation in Delaware

Statistics suggest that there are about 55,000-70,000 sex crimes committed against minors every year. Of these attacks, nearly 50 result in homicides. As such, it is extremely important for you to be aware of sex offenders, and specifically child molesters, who live in your community.

Delaware law requires that every convicted sex offender living in the state of Delaware be registered with the state, and disclose full details of their place of residence within three days of their arrival in the state.

Fortunately, anyone can now access in depth reports that provide this information. You can search sex offenders by zip code to gain access to data that will assist you in keeping your loved ones out of harm’s way. is one of the more reliable registries where you can perform your search. This database has compiled data from multiple states and federal sources to make it easier for individuals to be aware of potential dangers in their communities, and make the necessary arrangement to ensure the well-being of their households.

Contents of a detailed sexual offender report

While there are differences in the approach taken by different states to reveal sex offender information to the public, it is still a relatively easy process for anyone to search for registered sex offenders in Delaware.

There are many websites where you can conduct your search, including the Delaware Sex Offender Central Agency. Some of the details that can be revealed from a Delaware pedophile search include:

  • Aliases or other names used by the sexual offender
  • Arrest dates of previous crimes and specific details about them
  • Specific details of the crimes committed by the individual
  • Recent photos of the sexual offender
  • Recent home and work address

It is also possible to get email alerts when sex offenders move into your neighborhood, if you are using a mobile app with a subscription service. Some apps even provide users with a sexual predators map on the go, to ensure that you are always aware of the people in your environment.

So, what is the easiest way for pedophiles to target children?

According to, a popular sex offender site, many tweens and teens spend a lot of their time online, usually on a kind of messenger chatting with their friends, which makes it easy for pedophile to attack them there.

Sexual predators can easily conceal their true identity online, such that your child may be communicating freely with the sex offender under the assumption that the person they are chatting with is a peer. The predators aim at establishing strong friendships online, so that the kids begin to trust them, before attempting to arrange a meeting with them in person.

Studies on the trends of kids online suggest that:

  • 57 percent of children have flirted on the internet
  • 38 percent have been involved in sexual conversation online
  • 50 percent have exchanged phone numbers with people they have met online, and even conversed over the phone
  • 1 in every 4 kids has been sexually solicited by an adult on the internet
  • Kids think that they are always talking to peers of their own age, when they could, in fact, been talking to anyone, even pedophiles.
  • Some children may also be hunting their peers online.

Children molesting children

It is rather unusual for children to be molesting their peers, but the current Delaware sex offender list has about 639 children, 55 of whom were registered at the age of 12 or younger. This is despite the fact that Delaware has the harshest laws in the US targeted at youthful sex offenders:

the state has exceeded the Adam Walsh Act registry requirements for juveniles. Studies show that most juvenile sex offenders are not repeat offenders, yet the judiciary in Delaware continues to handle cases collectively instead of on a case-by-case basis.

The fact that the judiciary does not consider the likelihood of a youth to commit additional sex offenses before adding the name of that child to the sexual offender registry has been noted to have devastating effects on the child’s emotional and social well-being. This has also placed a stigmatizing label on the child, resulting in long-lasting adverse effects.

When searching for child molesters in Delaware, you would not expect to find a 9 year old in the search results, but this is actually the age of the youngest sex offender in the Delaware sexual predator list.

Many juvenile justice practitioners argue that the Family Court should be given the discretion to establish whether a child should be mandated to register as a sex offender, with consideration of the Adam Walsh Act. Additionally, the Delaware Supreme Court has already ruled that the names of children be automatically removed from the registry as soon as the court expunges their record.

While the move by the judiciary is objective, it would be interesting to find out what parents think about forgiving juvenile sex offenders, under the assumption that they are not likely to commit a sexual offense in future.

Would you, as a parent, feel more at peace knowing that your sex offender map contains as many registered sex offenders as possible (including juvenile offenders), or would you rather have the courts decide the offenders who pose a risk to your family’s well-being?

How parents can address the issue of child molestation

Searching a sex offender registry, like Family Watchdog, makes parents aware of possible risks around their children. However, the registry itself does not contain the names of all sex offenders, since some have never been caught. As such, it is better to take precautionary measures by talking to your kids about people who can hurt them.

Kids are very trusting, and it is your responsibility as a parent to educate them about unscrupulous individuals who may be trying to take advantage of their goodness. Additionally, you can monitor your child’s activities online, use parental control to restrict them from using various applications, like instant messengers, and teach your children to avoid talking to changes, and to report to an adult when someone makes them uncomfortable.