Alaska Sex Offender List

In today’s world there are numerous crimes which affect our lives badly. Criminals who commit these crimes are charged and declared convicts for their actions.

People who are affected by these crimes manage to recover from the damage. However, there are also such crimes that are unbearable and unimaginable about which people found comparatively more guilty as compared to other crimes.

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Sex offenders, who are also termed as sexual abusers, are those who have committed a sex crime against other people. A sex offender is dealt accordingly to the state laws on which he/she has committed sexual offense.

Alaska Sex offender Registry Map

State of Alaska itself is not a safe place when it comes to sexual offenses and child kidnapping. There are numerous cases of sexual assault reported to the local law enforcement department in Alaska. The registry map provided by the Alaska Department of Public Safety highlights approximate locations of sex offenders on the basis of their updated reports.

How to lookup sex offenders in my area?

In order to keep their children safe, parents can access the Alaska Department of Public Safety website which indicates all the registered sex offenders and kidnappers nearby. This map follows a user-friendly interface. You just have to enter the full address including zip code and city name. This makes it easy for users to distinguish the safer distance between residential areas and sex offender’s premises.

Sex Offender Registry List

The online sex offender registry list of Alaska Public Safety Department contains 3428 entries of sex offenders and child kidnappers. The website is available for public access where anyone can search by entering the name of the convict or the zip code of the area. The list is arranged in alphabetical order which makes it easy to filter complaint and non-complaint entries by the convict’s name initials.

Do sex offenders have to register?

According to the State of Alaska statuses 12.63.010 and 12.63.100:

A sex offender must have to register on his personal responsibility the very next working day. Also, a convicted sex offender has to register before release from correctional facility. However, if a sexual offense convict has recently moved to Alaska, he/she has to register as sex offender by the next working day to ensure their presence in the state.

Are sex offenders registered for life?

According to Alaska Supreme Court Ruling

A sex offender who has been convicted once for sexual offense has to register for 15 years annually. However, if a sex offender has been convicted of two or more than two crimes, they have to register annually for life.

Sex offender are instructed to register themselves in person to provide necessary information. Convicts who fail to register may face prosecution in the court of law.

How to search sex offenders in Alaska?

The State of Alaska Public Safety Department website allows to search database for registered sex offenders and child kidnappers. Users can search a sexual offense convict by entering their First name, last name, zip code or city. The site will present with the list of convicts relevant to your search query.